Hello Art World – Goodbye Corporate Sand Box….

Well it is official – I am a bloody blogger! I never thought this day would come, but here it is. I guess I will just have to accept that the world is ever-changing and that I better change or get left behind and out-in-the-cold. Adaptability of the present, acceptance of the unknown and its’ challenges, and acknowledgment of our past are a few things that have bode me well over the years.

It has been a little while since I left my post with the Fort McKay Group of Companies and a long while since I was a full-fledged artist. At this time I don’t really miss the corporate environment and there are many things I can say about this environment, both negative and positive, but I will leave that for another day. What I am now focused on is art, photography and poetry and you will see more of these things as I become a better blogger.

I have spent 4 hard years as a CEO and now I am about to head back into the world or art. I know that this environment is even more difficult now that the world economic situation really sucks. Right now I am contemplating where this path will take me and what the place will be when I get there. I am thinking about what my focus is going to be and I really need to decide how involved I will be. But the biggest realization is that right now it is time for my family and time to rejuvenate my spirit!

I remember one instance while I was the CEO… my boss and the First Nation CEO came into my office to do an intervention. Long story short – they wanted me to get my ha-ha back. I think it sure helps not to be involved in a 24/7 job, which if allowed can suck the life right out of you, and to be on a path which is closer to my heart. I am glad that I had surrounded myself at work with good people and that did make all the difference; they were positive and creative and wanted to be successful and they all worked hard!

So now I sit here – I read, at least once a day, I watch television, I am around my family, and most importantly, I am home.

But there are moments in my day when I look out at the world and I see economic strife, ecological strife and I wonder what will become of us all. I realize that I have to do something and so I am setting my artistic sights to have a discourse on many of these issues. Yet I can’t forget where I came from and who my ancestors are and I remind myself that I still have to have a discourse with them. I keep asking myself some simple questions like:
How can our local environment relate to the global perspective?
How can we make a difference when most of the world is worried about making a living?
What do I need to do to have a discourse with people who either don’t care or simply don’t see?
And I always come back to…. can what I need to do be achieved by being an artist? (This is the question!)

To say the least and in light of it all – I am looking forward to the future….

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