2 Poems: “The Bravest of us All” & “And in a Second… Life”

“The Bravest of us All”

And never again shall his laughter be heard,
Or his humour which caused such levity,
Or the warmth and concern from every word,
Of his gregarious and uninhibited integrity.

Oh, I shall always remember his perpetual smile,
And the engaging charm in his mischievous eyes,
And his wit, clever words to disarm and to beguile,
No malicious intent, just a simple loving disguise.

The trees all proud, stand tall and guard the place,
Where my brother in his eternal sleep, transcends,
Where Mother Earth now holds him in her loving embrace,
And carries him to that other world; life never ends.

And so my friend it shall be but a moment,
We will meet again and though you are the first to fall,
Do you remember when we played, you are like a scout sent
To find and blaze a trail, the bravest of us all…

“And in a Second… life”

Time, time, time, is a second counting,
The seconds, the hours and the years – lifetimes!

The world has existed, since all beginnings,
Since time immemorial – since a second began.

And within that second… memory.

Our creation of the universe, is only a thought,
All beginnings, all middles and all ends – light speeds!

We each go to, our own other life,
Our own time within – ours, yours and mine.

And into life is born… hope.

In one thought, out, then into another,
Everywhere we go, here it is and they they are – time circles!

Youth and ages passing, count one and another,
Count us in between – count 1, 2, 3.

And for the most altruistic reason… love.

We lived and grow, cried and celebrate, forced through it all,
Worked hard, worn well and still some wasted – thoughts!

As each and every movement forward, in cadence we step,
In life we love, in thought we revel and through it all – in a second, death.

And consider this always… one universe, one world, one life – one second.

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