My Living Area

My Living Area….

I came in,
I placed my umbrella, precarious, against the wall,
I hung my coat up to dry and
I put my muddy boots on the rack.

I walked into the living room,
I sunk into the couch and comfortable
I turned on the television…
I watched a movie.

January 2016….

We Touch the Sky….

We Touch the sky!

Gone now are all those beautiful innocent moments – of my youth,
When every step was light and carefree, unplanned, unsullied,
Where all the colours of life, light and shadows, played and played…
My muscles moved, my hands reached up and I touched the sky!

Then, just at the right moment I turn my head and see a robin flying, land,
I feel the drop of moisture in a cool quiet pool, in the sound of its splash,
And a second later – rain, music on the steps, rata-tat-tat, and on the roof…
My body memorizing things, unconsciously knowing what my mind would forget!

The smells of life, accompanied by the tunes of our times,
Apple pie baking, cinnamon wafting – a peaceful sensual essential,
The Beatles’, “A Hard Days Night” – a delightful sound phenomenon…
I feel all that energy; it was real, it was metaphysical, it was beautiful!

Solar winds touch my soul now and again, and every now and then
I hear the voice of my father, and I see the face of my brother,
I am still with them; a great part of my world, my life, exists in our past,
And it’s okay that they are gone, because at least… they lived!

March 2014….